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Graeme North, Architect

Graeme North
FNZIA, BArch. DipPermDes
Registered Architect

Graeme North, Architect, is located in Warkworth, New Zealand and undertakes commissions throughout New Zealand and abroad.

He specialises in eco-architectural designs that use mud brick or adobe, cob and other earth building methods; strawbale building; earthen and lime plasters, other natural materials, while incorporating appropriate technology.

Graeme North is available for consultation on all aspects of the use of natural materials, including helping owner builders achieve their aims, and also carries out peer reviews for other designers, and consenting authorities.

What is the best way for you to build with earth? Should you consider straw? What are the pros and cons of each technique, and what about obtaining building consent? What suits my site? How can you use natural timbers? How do you make an earth plaster? These are the kind of questions he can answer for you. He has also written extensively on these topics.