Graeme North, Architect

Graeme North
FNZIA, BArch. DipPermDes
Registered Architect

Ecodesign Examples

    House under construction, Auckland - post and beam, light earth bricks with lime external and earth internal plasters
    House in Blenheim
    Strawbale House with lime plaster
    Strawbale House exterior wall
    In-situ Adobe House in Landscape
    In-situ Adobe House entry
    In-situ Adobe House Exterior Detail
    In-situ Adobe House Interior/Exterior
    In-situ Adobe House Interior Foyer Detail
    In-situ Adobe House Round Window with recycled coloured bottles
    Exterior of In-situ Adobe-walled Passive Solar House integrated with roof garden and plants
    Natural Stone Building
    Owner-Built Cob House
    Mud brick house in a very cold but spectacular part of southern New Zealand
    Mud brick house entry exterior - walls overlaid in stone over insulation
    Mud brick house interior hallway
    Mud brick house interior living area
    Mud brick house Interior
    Mud brick house garden
    Exterior Wall of House made of mud brick, cob, strawbale, bottles and cordwood walls & earth floors - all built inside a conserv
    Cob House External Cob Wall
    Cob House: Exterior Fishpond
    Cob House: Cob/Mudbrick Garden Wall
    Cob House: Cob Pizza Oven
    Cob House: Cob Fireplace
    Timber House in coastal bush
    Timber House: earth brick nook
    Timber House: Kitchen/dining area
    Timber House: entry hallway